David Musson, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

David Musson holds an MD from Western University and a PhD in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin.  He has been a Flight Surgeon with the Royal Canadian AirForce and has spent much of his career working on medical and psychological aspects of spaceflight. Most recently, Dr. Musson was Associate Dean of the MD Program at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, and he maintains a faculty appointment in the Department of Anesthesiology at McMaster University.

Thomas Doyle, PhD, P.Eng

Thomas Doyle holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Western University, and is a Professional Engineer.  He is also an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McMaster University, a member of the School of Biomedical Engineering, and an affiliate faculty member of the Vector Institute for AI. His research looks at machine learning algorithms for diagnostics, and developing new bio-sensing technologies.


Joan Saary, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Dr. Joan Saary is a long term collaborator with our group, and serves as a subject matter expert in occupational and space medicine.

Matthew Turnock, MD, MSS, MSc, FRCPC

Dr. Matthew Turnock is a long time collaborator with Lunar Medical, and is a subject matter expert on anesthesia and critical care medicine and on remote simulation and telemedicine.

Ama Simons, BEng

Ama Simons is an electircal and biomedical engineer, and joins Lunar Medical for the summer (of 2019) as an Intern.  She is currently pursuing  graduate studies in computer and biomedical engineering at McMaster University.

Donna Musson BA, BEd

Donna Musson is Project Manager and oversees administration and compliance.

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